Geese Flying South

It’s been awhile since I’ve been organized enough to begin to get going again online like I originally planned. Been doing a lot outside with pre winter prep work and the better ‘alfs operation put this kinda thing on the back burner. But getting closer now, the coming week should see a roof of some kind over the camper which I’ve taken to calling ‘the little lab on the prairie’, a tongue in cheek description which some will get but it’s also still Kodgers Korner too which is the metaphor I use for wherever I’m at. While there will indeed be the odd experiment or two it’s main purpose is an office/writers getaway/smoking room/beer drinking/man cave/computer room and more. The whole thing itself will be an experiment to see whether I can do that with the likely way lower temperatures than what we experienced last year camping. Right now it’s like Ray Bradbury’s office where he apparently got the ideas for his stories the difference being mine looks like a tornado went through it as well. I’ve set a tentative deadline of Sunday 04 Sep to power it up and get it operational, we’ll see how that works out.

The big shelter is now going to be the workshop and I have enough pallets for the base of a complete floor for it now. This was most difficult with all the stuff in it and I’ve decided that the best solution would be to open up the side, take everything out, do the floor properly, then put everything back after. The only problem with this of course is that it’s weather dependent naturally.

The reason I called this post ‘Geese Flying South’ by the way is that while I was outside doing the cleanup from the three trees that were cut down a flock of geese in the usual formation flew overhead. I’m sure the honking could be translated as hurry up eh, winters coming sooner this year.


No, this is not about his sunglasses, it’s a comparison of the movie Terminal that he starred in and my own personal circumstances that I find myself in. The movies story line is about a guy that gets stuck between two countries and ends up living at the airport for a period of time. Metaphorically speaking that is now what’s happened to me. I landed at Rycroft International Airport (tongue in cheek reference) to relocate to Alberta as most of you know and now find myself needing to get the ID changed over of course, health card and drivers licence, stuff like that. Turns out my landed immigrant piece of paper is no longer sufficient to prove I’m legally entitled to reside in Canada*sigh*. The short term cheaper and faster solution is to get my Permanent Resident Card since it’s $50, then later get my Citizenship which, yes, I should have gotten years ago. In fact my dearly departed Father warned me years ago about just this very thing. On the website where one finds the forms and instructions to get the resident card is a place to find out the estimated time of processing, looks like I’ll be at the ‘airport’ for awhile, wonder if any temporary janitorial jobs are to be had.



Abandoned mansion in the mountains of BC


Actually have a decent internet connection today, has been rather excruciatingly frustrating to say the least. Managed to get a few things done at last. My newest project is getting the Crazy Retired Englishman’s Weakly back off the


ground. Had stopped the original one to move to a more public version instead of just for family and friends.
Still not that mobile to do the things that I’d like to do, genealogy has taken a bit of back seat but at least I got it back up. I’m still getting queries of some sort at least once a week which still amazes me.


Because we’re still not that mobile as yet, as we are still roughing it, we tend to wander around around in our current local area. In effect exploring and getting to know more about our surroundings. On this May long weekend we decided to wander around and check out the many garage sales in the area. No, we don’t need more stuff but yer never know what you come across and it’s one of our shared passions. This was one such thing. We ended up in Yale about 20km up the road from Hope to check out the offerings that know are usually on the main street through town. While doing this we spotted a sign for a thrift store and garage sale off the main street. We found the garage sale which was three families joined together. While poking around I spotted a book written by WP (Bill) Kinsella and it was signed by the author! Cool I thought, another one to add to our collection perhaps. I soon learned that the actual author himself was sitting in a chair out front. I also soon found out that his book called Shoe Less Joe was the basis for the Kevin Costner movie The Field of Dreams. I asked for a photograph with him and he graciously accepted. Yes, I do indeed have a signed copy of one of his books for our collection.

Around our campsite their is a rather cool bloom of little white flowers. Took me awhile to figure out what they were but it seems to be a perennial spring time wild flower called trillium grandiflorum. At first I thought it was only peculiar to our campsite like someone threw some seeds around but I see signs of it elsewhere when taking dogs for walks.

white flower



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