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No, this is not about his sunglasses, it’s a comparison of the movie Terminal that he starred in and my own personal circumstances that I find myself in. The movies story line is about a guy that gets stuck between two countries and ends up living at the airport for a period of time. Metaphorically speaking that is now what’s happened to me. I landed at Rycroft International Airport (tongue in cheek reference) to relocate to Alberta as most of you know and now find myself needing to get the ID changed over of course, health card and drivers licence, stuff like that. Turns out my landed immigrant piece of paper is no longer sufficient to prove I’m legally entitled to reside in Canada*sigh*. The short term cheaper and faster solution is to get my Permanent Resident Card since it’s $50, then later get my Citizenship which, yes, I should have gotten years ago. In fact my dearly departed Father warned me years ago about just this very thing. On the website where one finds the forms and instructions to get the resident card is a place to find out the estimated time of processing, looks like I’ll be at the ‘airport’ for awhile, wonder if any temporary janitorial jobs are to be had.


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So, I’m downtown and my front tire has been a bit low for awhile so I figured I would get some air in it (I know, lazy sod). Anyway, first place the hose end was missing, broken off perhaps. Second place I’m fairly certain the hose was taking air out of my tire…okay, one place left. I went there and they have a machine now that requires a friggin’ Loonie to get air!!*lol*. This made me frosty enough to think about something else that has been in the back of my mind for awhile. We don’t get that Northern Allowance Tax Deduction and I’m thinking we should, we’re getting less and less services here, and businesses are closing for various reasons. To get services and stuff we have to travel more and more. Frosty mood indeed he is in, grrrrr!

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