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Flux Capacitor

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I came across something really interesting and cool today. Having been invited to join fellow steampunk enthusiasts in a Facebook group, Southern society of steampunk steamologists I got a post of an event they were holding. It included something called teapot racing? Teapot racing? Wot the heck is that? Well, it is exactly that, teapot racing. Like I need another project.

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I have often pondered the fact that Google is in a way the New Library of Alexandria. Not in the true sense though because they only really do searches to find or access the worlds info. Many of us do it daily, when we want to know something we “Google” it. The Wayback Machine tries its best to save actual info but only takes snapshots periodically. The old Library of Alexandria burnt down of course and lots of the worlds knowledge to that point was lost forever. Why, well it was mostly all in that one place and we know what happens when you keep all your eggs in one basket. So, how fragile is the new worlds knowledge. In some ways probably not as fragile as we think, the internet is very widespread and all over the place and that’s where most of it is in reality. But it’s accessing it that’s the key and that’s where Google comes in. So I went to look to see where Google actually has their data centers that run everything they do. While they have a few all over the planet there are some key places their not it seems, something to ponder.


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Quite awhile ago I came across an article on some new clinic in Africa that was using copper fittings everywhere. Because of the health benefits supposedly? It was mentally filed away to someday check that out. The other day I came across a second reference to Copper’s health benefits that prompted me to revisit this now. Below is the source for the Lab Reporter, below that is source for the actual piece of equipment in the ad.

(Note: The issue is not posted yet in their archive but this is where it will be eventually I assume.)
Lab Reporter Issue No.2 2012 P.67 Ad

Thermo Scientific

…the bottom line here is perfectly clear to me. Lets steampunk everything, our health depends on it!

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BBC News – Graphene gives Thomas Edison's battery a new life.

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This was a particularly annoying thing that happened to the house computers lately and for us the fixes were two fold.

For some of the computers the fix was to empty the cache, cookies etc on the tools, clear history part of Firefox. While this did work for some it didn’t work for all of them. The next apparent fix was to uninstall the latest Adobe Flash Player, the 11.3 one (the active x one too by the way) and revert to the 11.2 version. So, all are working now just fine. But it is important to note that this fixed ours but this particular problem has more than one fix so it may be something else again for others.

As with all things that garble computers I always Google the problem because somewhere the youngen’s are yapping about it on a forum and usually in amongst it all is the fix. The above fixes are no different they are all over the net so I’m not going to post links.

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Loco Cycle

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