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Geese Flying South

It’s been awhile since I’ve been organized enough to begin to get going again online like I originally planned. Been doing a lot outside with pre winter prep work and the better ‘alfs operation put this kinda thing on the back burner. But getting closer now, the coming week should see a roof of some kind over the camper which I’ve taken to calling ‘the little lab on the prairie’, a tongue in cheek description which some will get but it’s also still Kodgers Korner too which is the metaphor I use for wherever I’m at. While there will indeed be the odd experiment or two it’s main purpose is an office/writers getaway/smoking room/beer drinking/man cave/computer room and more. The whole thing itself will be an experiment to see whether I can do that with the likely way lower temperatures than what we experienced last year camping. Right now it’s like Ray Bradbury’s office where he apparently got the ideas for his stories the difference being mine looks like a tornado went through it as well. I’ve set a tentative deadline of Sunday 04 Sep to power it up and get it operational, we’ll see how that works out.

The big shelter is now going to be the workshop and I have enough pallets for the base of a complete floor for it now. This was most difficult with all the stuff in it and I’ve decided that the best solution would be to open up the side, take everything out, do the floor properly, then put everything back after. The only problem with this of course is that it’s weather dependent naturally.

The reason I called this post ‘Geese Flying South’ by the way is that while I was outside doing the cleanup from the three trees that were cut down a flock of geese in the usual formation flew overhead. I’m sure the honking could be translated as hurry up eh, winters coming sooner this year.


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No, this is not about his sunglasses, it’s a comparison of the movie Terminal that he starred in and my own personal circumstances that I find myself in. The movies story line is about a guy that gets stuck between two countries and ends up living at the airport for a period of time. Metaphorically speaking that is now what’s happened to me. I landed at Rycroft International Airport (tongue in cheek reference) to relocate to Alberta as most of you know and now find myself needing to get the ID changed over of course, health card and drivers licence, stuff like that. Turns out my landed immigrant piece of paper is no longer sufficient to prove I’m legally entitled to reside in Canada*sigh*. The short term cheaper and faster solution is to get my Permanent Resident Card since it’s $50, then later get my Citizenship which, yes, I should have gotten years ago. In fact my dearly departed Father warned me years ago about just this very thing. On the website where one finds the forms and instructions to get the resident card is a place to find out the estimated time of processing, looks like I’ll be at the ‘airport’ for awhile, wonder if any temporary janitorial jobs are to be had.


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Actually have a decent internet connection today, has been rather excruciatingly frustrating to say the least. Managed to get a few things done at last. My newest project is getting the Crazy Retired Englishman’s Weakly back off the


ground. Had stopped the original one to move to a more public version instead of just for family and friends.
Still not that mobile to do the things that I’d like to do, genealogy has taken a bit of back seat but at least I got it back up. I’m still getting queries of some sort at least once a week which still amazes me.

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Blackberry Ginger Ale


Discovered a pop drink I really like after all these years, it’s very good. I’m not much of a soda drinker so I was pleasantly surprised to find this one. I was attracted to it because of the blackberries moniker which brings fond memories of blackberry picking with my grandparents and family back in England. They used to make jam with it I remember but don’t remember if they made pies or other things. So, when I was going to get a pic for this blog post I was horrified to discover that it’s a limited time thing and ends in July! Figures! This is the same thing as TV shows that I get interested in, they cancel them. The better ‘alf had this idea of flavouring the regular ginger ale with the Mio concentrate cherry blackberry flavour. It works! It’s pretty darn close. Still working on the amount to add though and you have to pour the ginger ale into a glass with a about a half a teaspoon of the Mio in it first to help it mix. Adding the Mio to the can and shaking it doesn’t go well*wink*.


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First 300 Days

It’s now 300 days since I retired and I’m taking a look back at what I’ve learned, and how it’s going.

The big one I guess is the CPP (Canada Pension Plan), didn’t realize I could collect that as well until a buddy told me (big thanks mate!). The scary part is how I missed that little detail because I must have been told at some point I reckon. Wonder what else I’ve missed, I do receive it now though and it’s helping to put our new micro economy on track as we adjust.
I’ve also learned the hard way that no amount of planning can prepare one for the financial part but I guess some people do get it right if they started years ago. I also mistakenly thought for instance that the medical was still paid so that one was a rude awakening too. A previous post talks about the three stages of retirement and it’s a pretty good description I found of what we’re actually experiencing.

So, how it’s going? Well, not bad at all really. We slowly adjusted to the realization of not working, doing what we want and sleeping in. That part has now begun to change now though as I myself like getting up in the quiet of the early morning and doing what I’ve always wanted to do, and that is write. Okay, not very good at it yet but like anything else I need to spend the time to practice at it meaning the 10,000 hour rule. Turns out that may be wrong in the end as evidenced by this link as an example.

One wonderful thing we did was just go camping now we have the chance, went to a bit warmer climate down south and wintered. It became a bit of a challenge to see if we could do it and it has turned out pretty darn good. A little bit harsh at times and had lots of crazy adventures as recorded in The Crazy Retired Englishman’s Weakly …but you’ll have to be family or a friend to view it. I’ve closed that part of the written record off now as we move on to other things. Another wonderful thing is my health has definitely improved probably because I more time to focus on it and get control.

Bottom line is I highly recommend retirement so do it as soon as your able. Myself I have about another 117 days to go to get good at retirement apparently and who knows how many days to get the writing thing going.

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Three Stages of Retirement

Quoted part from article…
“Stages of retirement
Retirement can be divided into three stages, said McCaw.
First is the “go-go” stage, which could involve travel and home renovation. Early in that stage, during the “honeymoon” phase right after retirement, spending tends to go up as people fulfil their retirement goals, be that travel, renovation, starting a business or joining clubs, she said.
“You’re getting your hobbies up and away,” McCaw said.
That honeymoon phase usually lasts anywhere from a few months up to about two years, she said, although the go-go stage lasts longer.
What retirees don’t think about is what McCaw calls the “slow-go” stage. In this phase, a retiree’s energy level may have changed, priorities may have shifted and they are not doing the travelling and active things they may have previously done.
“You may want to stay home a little bit more. You’re a bit more adjusted to the retirement and more connected with your community and your interest groups,” she said.
Last is the “no-go” stage. At this point in life, people’s health is such that they are not able to travel.”

This article hit home because I realized it describes us pretty darn good, so let’s compare.

Go-Go Stage
We did indeed experience a “honeymoon” phase. The euphoria of being free from going to work, the ability to now go camping until we’re sick of it. I even did an amusing newsletter for family and friends to highlight and record our adventures. Great fun it was. Also fired up the languishing hobby of genealogy now that I had some time. A few events though during this phase tempered our enthusiasm which dragged us back to earth, and we drifted into the next stage slowly but surely.
Slow-Go Stage
Once we had reached our destination of choice and finally began to slow down we dug in an adjusted to the more mundane tasks and chores of long term camping. We became less mobile for many reasons and spent more time close to camp. I have begun to write and start some of the things I’ve always wanted to do.
No-Go Stage
Not there yet of course but we certainly realize it’s coming as we now plan our final more permanent last stop on this adventure and stop camping.


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Comic-Con 2015 has basically come and gone now in San Diego. If I could have attended I would have dressed up as Johnny Depp’s character Tonto in the Lone Ranger remake. Although critics panned the movie somewhat I found it very entertaining and I particularly like the message, “the sickness of greed is very strong”.


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