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As with a lot of others around the world I followed the terrible news of the attack in Westminster. I was shocked to learn that the attacker stayed in Brighton the night before and even more shocked as to the location of the hotel. I lived on Havelock Road and went to Balfour Road School in the 1950’s not far from there.

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I belong to a group on Facebook called Westward Ho! History Group and post there today reminded me of an event back in the late sixties that would be amusing to relate.

Back then I used to augment my teenage earnings with doing a 2-3 hour paper route on Sundays. I used to do a paper route six days a week already for the Northam Newspaper Agent before school and Saturdays too. Somehow I ended up doing the Sunday one too for this guy on a scooter and sidecar. Anyway, the post in the group was of a guy at a garage on Nelson Road and I thought I recognized him.

Somebody else posted that they too did a paper route on Sundays with this guy and somebody else said he still picks up golf balls on the burrows, plays snooker and table tennis apparently despite being 80 years old now. It was the table tennis that jogged my memory because that must be how I too ended up playing, it was the same guy that ran the club in Bideford. Ended up playing on a team that played in a league, we used to go around to different places and towns and play our games. We were young and I don’t recall ever winning any games against the older more experienced opponents though.

Where is this going you ask? Well, I was on the Bideford quay late one evening waiting for the doubledecker bus to take me home to Westward Ho! after table tennis at the club. Because of it’s location you could see the bus coming along the other side of the river and over the bridge etc. I watched it almost get over the bridge then it stopped with the other cars and traffic on the bridge, and then they all started backing up! I waited wondering what to do next then a bus inspector came along the quay to the bus stop where I was waiting and he said they had to get another bus out of the depot to take me home because the bridge has fallen down! Eventually a bus came and I went home. My Father was waiting up for me in his dressing gown and met me at the door. Rather irately he asked why I was so late. I said the bridge had fallen down and had to wait for them to get another bus. He didn’t believe me and said I could have come up with a better excuse than that. Next day of course it was all over the news and my excuse became a perfect example of truth is stranger than fiction.

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Another Reminder

When I go on the internet there are certain places I gravitate to, I call it ‘making the rounds’. I’m sure many others do the the same thing visiting their favourite places to see what’s happening or what’s new and interesting. One of those places I go almost daily is The Presurfer and was very saddened to learn about his passing on February 25th. Apparently Gerard Vlemmings, who made and ran ‘The Presurfer’ blogged for over 16 years was 67 when he passed away. There now will be always be something missing from my daily rounds as I reminded again of my own mortality. Belated cheers to you Gerald, I and many other thoroughly enjoyed your blog, but like others maybe, I regret never saying or doing anything to let you know that your blog was our daily treat. Condolences to the family.

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Homeless Hotel

This is somewhat ironic. This is the hotel where we frequently stayed on many of our trips down south during our tenancy troubles and relocation plan. Which in effect left us homeless and unemployed.
Quality Inn Maple Ridge. Don’t know if previous ‘tenants’ get first dibs but that would be fortuitous. However a better idea would be this Campingbus VW T5 Reimo Triostyle. Certainly make the homeless more mobile I reckon. Oh right! Then we’d have a gypsy problem*sheesh!*.

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Pot Calls Kettle Black


Watched that news story unfold about ‘journalists’ being barred from an Alberta government news conference with great interest. Aside from the fact that this Ezra Levant is not well thought of (will delve into that interesting subject in a subsequent post perhaps) the outcome was somewhat predictable, the Alberta government back tracked and apologized because of the bad press and publicity it garnered. So, I was poking around the news story, following links down the garden path, as most of us do and ran across this posted by Alheli Picazo. How true is it all? Don’t know. I’m a small bit player on the journalistic landscape and probably not even a player actually, still learning the ropes. However, it all really struck me as the pot calling the kettle black, can’t have it both ways, complain about the censorship but do the exact same thing yourself.

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Expiring Air Miles?

The attack on loyalty points continues. First it was Aeroplan air miles expiring, they backed off apparently because of the outcry. Then it was The College of Pharmacists of B.C. winning a court battle(Global News Story)stopping the collecting of points on prescriptions. Now Air Miles are expiring at the end of this year. These are all precedents in a way and others are watching how it plays out I’m sure. To extrapolate with some analogies of sorts it’s a bit like what I said about the smoking thing way back. Once they’ve finished with us smokers they will go after the overweight because of poor eating habits trying to put in controls and they have begun haven’t they. The Daily Mail News Story is one example of many out there. Extrapolating further how about the interest given on money saved having an expiry date, okay banks wouldn’t like that but governments might use it as an economic tool to boost the spending of it’s citizens which in turn would boost the economy. Who knows who else is watching ready to take advantage. I just have this feeling that society as a whole is being molded slowly into some form of conformity. A bit Orwellian perhaps but that’s how it feels.

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This little movie was the opener for the main attraction at our local theater in Bideford many moons ago…watched lots of stuff over the years with Eric Sykes in it but this one was my favourite…

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