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Here We Come

Although the title is the first line of the famous Monkees theme song, that’s not what it’s about. I knew years ago that once they were finished with us smokers they, the social engineers, would then turn their attention to problem of bad food and obesity. Well, the rhetoric although it’s been simmering for awhile it’s beginning to heat up a bit more in the main stream media.
Not a surprise of course. Also years ago I remember when reading about eating healthy the rules for it were quite specific and simple. Eat your garden, don’t buy anything with a bar code and don’t buy anything in those center shelves too. Only buy stuff around the outside in supermarkets. All noble goals of course but tough to pull off in reality because of convenience, societal pressures and the ever pervasive advertising. But the tide will turn as economic necessity will drive a better way to eat. The young will have to return to their great grand parents ways because they won’t have the means to buy the easily accessible processed and convenience food anyway. Which will be a wonderful thing for many reasons. One of those is the return to the social component of food growing and preparation. More interaction between families and perhaps that old thing of sitting down for dinner all together, and turning off those electronic babysitters.


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Quite awhile ago I came across an article on some new clinic in Africa that was using copper fittings everywhere. Because of the health benefits supposedly? It was mentally filed away to someday check that out. The other day I came across a second reference to Copper’s health benefits that prompted me to revisit this now. Below is the source for the Lab Reporter, below that is source for the actual piece of equipment in the ad.

(Note: The issue is not posted yet in their archive but this is where it will be eventually I assume.)
Lab Reporter Issue No.2 2012 P.67 Ad

Thermo Scientific

…the bottom line here is perfectly clear to me. Lets steampunk everything, our health depends on it!

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Shanks Pony

Been doing a lot of walking via shanks pony lately. Shanks pony means to use ones legs as a means of getting around, all about walking, and it’s benefits are noted in great detail here. While it does mention shanks pony as an obscure term it doesn’t say much of anything else about it. I heard the of term at an early age because my Grandfather used it as he was a great proponent of walking everywhere. He was the one that told me that it was a government program during the war to encourage people to walk and save the spaces on public transportation for those that really needed it. That’s an example of one of the ‘encouragement’ posters below. There is a some debate about the origin of the term shanks pony, some think it refers to a lawn mower company in Scotland called Alexander Shanks and Co of Arbroath but who knows.

Back to the beginning, why have I been doing a lot of walking? Well, I’m in a worldwide company fitness challenge, one of a four person team. The point for me is to get moving again especially on days off. Don’t seem to have a problem doing 10,000 steps (the benchmark) on a work day but days off I tend to loll about I guess. I have to admit I’m doing really well I’m averaging 14,000 steps so far.

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Sodium Dichloroacetate DCA

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Blood Pressure

This a very scary story on the BBC site today for sure.
Arm blood pressure differences ‘predict death risk’
The short version is that one should take blood pressure on both arms, the higher the difference in, and I quote, “systolic pressure were more likely to die from heart attack, stroke or other causes. People with different readings in each arm may have peripheral vascular disease, which often shows no symptoms. Stopping smoking, or medication to lower blood pressure or cholesterol, may help reduce the risk of heart problems or stroke in these patients”.
That last part is really scary because I’m doing all three*eek!*

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