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The Chess Problem

At first I thought it was a hoax at first but some after some cursory investigation it may not be. The email address that one is supposed to write to with a solution was only registered last year and at first I couldn’t find any Penrose Institute but I did find it eventually and it may all be legit because that site was only started last year too.

Where I saw the original story, then another more in depth story I found here…So, to the problem itself but I must admit I’m still a little suspicious.

Initial observations are thus. Black has no moves it can make other than the bishops and all three are on black squares so the white king is relatively safe on white squares. There seems to be some clues provided, the hand drawn chess board has an x diagonally beside the furthest white pawn. Significant? Perhaps. It also says below it that it’s easy for humans and that it is a ‘legal’ position. Amusing to say the least, here is some chatter on the forums at chess.com

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Clever Idea

Interesting idea…looking for how different plants get their nutrients though.

Bale Gardening

bale (Mobile)

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Interesting Data Site


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Why Your Dogs Name Matters

Why Your Dogs Name Matters

This link reminded me of an amusing part in a Disney animated movie, might have been 101 Dalmations or another perhaps. Anyway, one dog is asking another what his name is, he answers, “my name is bad dog”.

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Marmite XO

“Using four specially selected yeast sources, our master blender has crafted the secret Marmite recipe and matured it for four times longer to create a Marmite so strong and full-bodied it can only be for the most devoted of lovers.
Contains a 250g glass jar of Marmite XO in beautiful gift box”.


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Busy Weekend

Busy weekend for sure…finally got a wheelbarrow among other things and a good one too, has two wheels for stability. Now I can cart wood back there for starters and continue the quest to make it an area of sanctuary. I also bought some banjo and guitar strings but didn’t really look at the package I guess. Banjo was only a four string package and the guitar was a 12 string one? Ah well, can still use them of course wife has a twelve string so she’ll be happy. The real bonus was the finding of the grapevine ivy I was looking for (see pic below, it’s the hanging basket above instruments). Will take some cuttings off it for my office at work.

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Cool Bookcase

While making the rounds this morning spotted this very clever bookcase…

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A Very English Christmas

Looking forward to the Queen’s Message at 8am then the Dr. Who Christmas Special at 6pm!

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is my first post. I edited it and started blogging!

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