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The Brighton & Hove Albion journey began 115 years ago on 24 June 1901 and has culminated in promotion, on the 17 April 2017, to the top flight of English football, the Premier League. The beginning was here at the Seven Stars Hotel on Ship Street when the club was formed at a meeting…

Much as been written about the history of the football club here, here and here…so I won’t reinvent the wheel.

However, I will add to this story that there seems to be a family connection to Ship Street? I vaguely remember someone telling me that, (on my Mother’s side being the Boniface‘s) a Frank Boniface used to own Ship Street, lost it in a poker game and went to Australia. I will have to go back in my notes and check what I have, and of course investigate further. Family stories do tend to get embellished of course but somewhere in amongst it all lies the truth.

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Yes, the past year or so Man. Utd have played in brown shirts and played like shit, I’ll explain the brown shirt part later. First the shit part…Alex Ferguson retired and pass the managerial torch to his choice of what was called ‘the chosen one” David Moyes. Wikipedia source, “Moyes was in charge of United for 10 months, the third shortest managerial stint in United history and the shortest in 82 years despite calls from several respected ex-Manchester United players such as Denis Law and David Beckham calling for Moyes to be given more time at the club”. So they toasted ‘the chosen one” and replaced him eventually with Louis van Gaal. Alex Ferguson didn’t do well at the beginning of his tenure either but he got the time to turn it all around so why didn’t David Moyes get the same chance? Well, the rush to profits and immediate gratification is why, the owners were likely worried about their investment too. Today I saw a blurb on the BBC from Roy Keane, ”

“Van Gaal is going to get criticized, you’d expect that,” Keane said during his BBC Match of the Day analysis. Give the man a chance – two or three years.”

Wouldn’t it have been nice to give ‘the chosen one” two or three years eh…In the end I think they had the chosen one and blew it, now Manchester United are in for some dark days.

Oh yes, the brown shirt thing. Well, I got this free 40’ TV as part of a deal for a three year contract and one day I realized that the players were in brown shirts instead of red? Turns out after some investigation that it’s not the TV but likely a connecting cord that’s causing it. Haven’t bothered to fix as yet and that’s why this is the year that Manchester United played in brown shirts and played like shit, somewhat ironic in a way.

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Quirky Football Game

While wandering down the garden path I came across this video from British Pathe. I was originally chasing a video of Westward Ho! found it but it had nothing to do with where I used to live at all.


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BBC Sport – Euro 2012 analysis: England and Italy set for tight contest.

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On Any Given Day

Wow! Wot an end to the footy season indeed! After 38 league games it came down to mere minutes in the end of the last game and one goal to decide which Manchester would take the title. Took a few screen shots off the telly as an experiment with my new phone, these two below show the difference a few minutes made to the crowd mood (score upper left). Realized afterwards I could have videoed the last few minutes dagnabit, ah well.

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The Big Game

I would be at work for the first leg of the Chelsea v Barcelona game but looked on the TV line up to see if it would be on later. Yes! On at 5:30pm, marked it and looked forward to it after work. When the time rolled around, line up had changed and rugby was on! So, went online to check out the Zap2it line up to see if it would be on at all. On at 9pm, not bad, a bit late but still doable. Watched the Canucks stave off elimination while waiting for 9pm. Time rolled around and baseball was on*sheesh!*, bottom of the first too. I think my relationship with TV took another hit.

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Saturday Football

Watching Brighton getting thumped by West Ham*sigh*…Man Utd slip a bit and Man City clobbered Norwich to close the gap, interesting again perhaps. Today, after the first game I watched, they showed the bleedin’ highlights of the next game they were going to televise*strewth!*. They keep doing this and it spoils the enjoyment of the game when one knows the result for sure.

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Last Weekends Footy

Already into Wednesday so a bit late I guess. Man Utd are in cruise mode for sure 8pts up now on Man City at the top. The difference between the two teams is quite clear. Ferguson has control of his team Manchini does not. Brighton lost again last night and slip out of that playoff zone. In reality they may not be quite ready for promotion so another season to become a solid Championship side is the best thing I reckon. The pieces are all there, the new stadium, seems like a good financial footing and good management. They have been just promoted after all so this season can be viewed as a success no matter what happens.

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Brighton Six Pointer

Really big game this weekend for Brighton & Hove Albion! Playing Middlesborough tomorrow at home. Both are on 62 points and in the playoff zone. In effect this is what they call a six pointer and probably will be one of the defining moments in Brighton’s season.

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Football 24 Mar 2012

Thoroughly enjoyed the usual Saturday football feast, and there’s no doubt that I would be pretty homesick for the old country if I didn’t have access to some of the games I reckon. The highlight of the day was the point that Brighton picked up at Forest, it maintains them in playoff zone for a chance to go up. I can’t see them catching second place because not too many games left now but hopefully they can maintain the consistency to have a crack at the playoff round. I saw that wicked goal by Peter Crouch for Stoke against Man City, wotta cracker indeed! I think the ball didn’t actually touch the ground at any point from the goal keeper’s kick out to being picked out of the back of the net. Man City were lucky to get a point out of that game. I saw Wigan knock off Liverpool, as the season winds down the clubs fighting for survival at the bottom are always dangerous to play against. Those can be the best games to watch too as it’s panic football at it’s best.
Peter Crouch post game interview link…

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