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Time Traveler Search

…ah well, keep looking you never know eh!

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Air Wick Sound

Early in the quiet of the morning as I was making my usual rounds on the web a couple of days back I kept hearing this sound periodically. It sounded like one of the cats was trying to cough up a hairball! I was thinking that I needed to get them to the vet pronto as it was quite frequent. Well, the better ‘alf found it all very amusing because it was the new air freshener she had bought*sheesh*!

An amusing video that sort of talks about it…

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Mind Trick

We’ve all see those visual mind tricks of course, this one sort of took me by surprise and is quite good.

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Well, trust me to be messin’ around with the follow feature and pick one to follow that was going to do a critique on his 50th follower! While I do agree that very few places of any importance use a black background I can only assume it’s for a good reason. Maybe it’s like writing in uppercase without knowing that it means shouting perhaps? That too usually brings a flurry of flames to re-educate a new user. So, I can bend on that one very easily, it was good to go see what other themes were out there anyway. Took me awhile to find something that didn’t break some of the parts though and finally ended up with this one, for now.

I’m not bending on the Ol’ Kodger part though, that’s a moniker and nickname that’s been around for a very long time. While not thirty years, that would be an exaggeration, but way back nonetheless. Yes, it was cute back then and it’s stuck for better or worse now. As I noted in my ‘About Me’ page it too had an unintended consequence, it was an actual surname which I didn’t find out about till later.

All in all I did take the critique in good humour because I certainly don’t take myself that seriously either and it was well done.

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Big City Arrives

I was taking back the cans to the local recycle depot this afternoon and it had all changed, and the people too! It’s been changed around as well. I was struck by the fact that now it’s just like the big city recyclers, fix up your empties on a bench in blue trays and count them, then take them to the counter all ready to go. The other thing I noticed lately was that our local paper has gone to a paid subscriber access thing for their website. While I probably will get used to the changes at the local recycler I’m not sure of the wisdom of the local paper trying to be like the big boys (The Times of London did this and I just don’t go there any more), it could be a flawed business model in the long run I reckon. The other news source, the Kitimat Daily is ad driven and open, and likely will become the major news source in the end.

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Our Wilson

Below is a pic of our water cooler. Because I had taken to putting the microwave food cover on top of it as a place to keep it, it seemed to need a face, so I drew one in a moment of playfulness. After I had done that I realized it reminded me of the Tom Hanks movie Castaway, you know the basketball he called Wilson…I think ‘Our Wilson’ will fair a bit better and is definitely a cool dude for sure.

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