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Because our current abode is rather small (actually an understatement) it requires some rather interesting maneuvering and contortions when attempting to avoid stepping on our dogs that always seem to be underfoot. We’ve taken to calling it cute special names based on Tai-Chi, because it’s like that with arms and legs all over the place as we balance ourselves. For the eldest one , called Boo, we call it Boo-Chi and the youngest one is Peeka-Chi. I know, too much time on our hands (and feet).

As a side note, the better ‘alf is still looking forward to me yelling, “Peeka-Boo!”, outside for the dogs. That’s why they’ll always be on a leash so I can avoid this rather disturbing prospect.

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My Beards A Good Thing

Well, well, the recent article on the BBC points out all the health benefits of growing a beard it seems.
Lots of healthy microbes take up residence they say.

Link to BBC Article

I hadn’t grown mine for that particular reason but it certainly makes me feel a whole lot better about it. I grew one because I gots too lazy to shave and I basically thought I’m retired anyway so why was I shaving. It was a bit untidy and unkempt at first so had to get it fixed up after it grew in, but I do like the convenience of one and it fits with me being a slacker these days. However I have had the odd occasion when I got Marmite stuck in it, very annoying, and I mused to myself how the rest of the population of microbes apparently resident in my beard get along.


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From The Retired Englishmans Weakly Issue +225 11 Dec 2015

Years ago I was at Wally World in Terrace and the lady greeter said to me that I looked like Dog The Bounty Hunter! Naturally wasn’t enamored with that and off came the longish stringy hair pretty quick I can tell you. Then a few months later I was in the lineup for the post office in Shoppers in Maple Ridge and the couple in front of me were whispering to themselves. He turned and smiled then she did? As they left he said you probably get this all the time, and I thought here we go again*sigh*. He said you like Hulk Hogan! So, for a few years every so often I would get that from people, not so much that I got used to it but it does usually catch me by surprise. Then a different look alike appeared along with it. When I would go outside for a smoke at work the guys from the warehouse in the next building over started calling me Micky, apparently I looked like the drummer Mick Fleetwood from Fleetwood Mac according to them. Last week when I went to purchase that heated water hose the girl at the parts department said you probably get this all the time and I thought here we go again*sigh*. She said you look like Donald Sutherland! At least the personas are getting a bit better I suppose according to my better ‘alf anyway*grin*.

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$50,000 Dollar Fine?

Promised the eldest grandson Jordan that we would take his small collection of cans and bottles to the recycle depot for pocket money in Spirit River, 7km west of Rycroft. Of we went and located it, sign said go round the back. Around the back we ran into a lady and I thought she said where are you from I said BC. She actually said where did the bottles come from. She said you can’t return them here otherwise there’s a $50,000 fine and walked off? There was a young fella there eating his lunch or something and I said well the bottles and cans were actually from Alberta and the grandsons he said take them around the back. So, around the back of the back we went and found the actual depot and the guy running it. He explained to me what it was all about. Because we are close to the border with BC people actually come from there to recycle and make money. In BC it’s 5 cents for a can and nothing for milk cartons. In Alberta it’s 10 cents and something for milk cartons too. He also pointed to the big black sacks towards the back and said people in BC actually steal them and bring them to Alberta. Wow! It doesn’t take a mathematician to figure out the monetary advantage and what people are up to. I asked him if I could take a picture of the sign outside (polite to ask I thought) and he said sure, make sure you get the government sign beside it, so I did.

So, while it was certainly interesting to learn all this it raises some questions doesn’t it. First one is that it’s an easy fix if Alberta and BC co-ordinated their recycling policies. Next one is the size of that fine for crying out loud. How does it compare with other fines of perhaps a more serious nature than improper recycling? It didn’t take long to discover the distracted driving fine for instance is apparently going to jump from $172 to $250, to give it more teeth they say. Then I began to find others…Passing school bus violation – $402.00…Fail to yield to pedestrian in a crosswalk – $575.00…littering is a $2000 fine apparently and the list goes on but you get my drift. This is a prime example of what I call ties cutting off blood to the brain and*sigh*.



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Boo Burgers?

Boo Burgers are what we call the meat patties from A & W that we started buying a few years ago for the dogs. Boo, the eldest, didn’t want to eat on the road in the beginning and we tried all manner of temptations. We discovered that he would eat the burger meat pattie from A & W as long as it was plain with no season salt. So, that’s how they came to be called Boo Burgers. I was reading an article on the newly discovered manuscript of Harper Lee, she was the author of just one novel To Kill a Mockingbird and the new one would be called To Set a Watchmen. I was amused to come across that Boo Burger’s were on the menu at the Courthouse Cafe in Monroeville? To Kill a Mockingbird is set in Monroeville apparently and they have taken full advantage of the connection to the famous book as a tourist thing. Off I went to Google and see what the connection was with Boo Burgers and the book. Turns out Boo is a character in the book, go figure.

boo burgers2

Found a place that had some quotes from the book and who the Boo character is…


“Boo was about six-and-a-half feet tall, judging from his tracks; he dined on raw squirrels and any cats he could catch, that’s why his hands were bloodstained — if you ate an animal raw, you could never wash the blood off. There was a long jagged scar that ran across his face; what teeth he had were yelow and rottenl his eyes popped, and he drooled most of the time.” (Lee 13)

“Every night sound I heard from my cot on the back porch was magnified three-fold; every scratch of feet on gravel was Boo Radley seeking revenge, every passing Negro laughing in the night was Boo Radley loose and after us; insects splashing against the screen were Boo Radley’s insane fingers picking the wire to pieces…” (Lee 55)

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Have to admit this is a strange one. While the wife, two dogs and I were staying in a hotel on our recent travels, the dogs needed to go out at three in the morning. They had woken her up and she was trying to do it quietly so as not to wake me. She turned the inside door handle to leave and it came off in her hand! With the ensuing swearing and antsy dogs I was awakened of course, and we called the front desk for assistance. We effectively couldn’t exit the room, which raises all kinds of issues if you think about it. At first I thought this was done on purpose because the set screw that held the handle in place was nowhere to be seen. But that’s just paranoia, what likely happened is that housekeeping vacuumed up the set screw when it fell out. Anyway, once I got my wits about me I realized that a pair of vice grips from my tool box would act as a temporary handle. But it did remind me of that old joke about a (insert your own preferred politically incorrect nationality here) guy who locked his keys in his car, took him hours to get his family out.


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Code in Movies & TV

This link amused me this morning…

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