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Around our campsite their is a rather cool bloom of little white flowers. Took me awhile to figure out what they were but it seems to be a perennial spring time wild flower called trillium grandiflorum. At first I thought it was only peculiar to our campsite like someone threw some seeds around but I see signs of it elsewhere when taking dogs for walks.

white flower



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Blackberry Ginger Ale


Discovered a pop drink I really like after all these years, it’s very good. I’m not much of a soda drinker so I was pleasantly surprised to find this one. I was attracted to it because of the blackberries moniker which brings fond memories of blackberry picking with my grandparents and family back in England. They used to make jam with it I remember but don’t remember if they made pies or other things. So, when I was going to get a pic for this blog post I was horrified to discover that it’s a limited time thing and ends in July! Figures! This is the same thing as TV shows that I get interested in, they cancel them. The better ‘alf had this idea of flavouring the regular ginger ale with the Mio concentrate cherry blackberry flavour. It works! It’s pretty darn close. Still working on the amount to add though and you have to pour the ginger ale into a glass with a about a half a teaspoon of the Mio in it first to help it mix. Adding the Mio to the can and shaking it doesn’t go well*wink*.


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Homeless Hotel

This is somewhat ironic. This is the hotel where we frequently stayed on many of our trips down south during our tenancy troubles and relocation plan. Which in effect left us homeless and unemployed.
Quality Inn Maple Ridge. Don’t know if previous ‘tenants’ get first dibs but that would be fortuitous. However a better idea would be this Campingbus VW T5 Reimo Triostyle. Certainly make the homeless more mobile I reckon. Oh right! Then we’d have a gypsy problem*sheesh!*.

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Here We Come

Although the title is the first line of the famous Monkees theme song, that’s not what it’s about. I knew years ago that once they were finished with us smokers they, the social engineers, would then turn their attention to problem of bad food and obesity. Well, the rhetoric although it’s been simmering for awhile it’s beginning to heat up a bit more in the main stream media.
Not a surprise of course. Also years ago I remember when reading about eating healthy the rules for it were quite specific and simple. Eat your garden, don’t buy anything with a bar code and don’t buy anything in those center shelves too. Only buy stuff around the outside in supermarkets. All noble goals of course but tough to pull off in reality because of convenience, societal pressures and the ever pervasive advertising. But the tide will turn as economic necessity will drive a better way to eat. The young will have to return to their great grand parents ways because they won’t have the means to buy the easily accessible processed and convenience food anyway. Which will be a wonderful thing for many reasons. One of those is the return to the social component of food growing and preparation. More interaction between families and perhaps that old thing of sitting down for dinner all together, and turning off those electronic babysitters.


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