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From The Retired Englishmans Weakly Issue +225 11 Dec 2015

Years ago I was at Wally World in Terrace and the lady greeter said to me that I looked like Dog The Bounty Hunter! Naturally wasn’t enamored with that and off came the longish stringy hair pretty quick I can tell you. Then a few months later I was in the lineup for the post office in Shoppers in Maple Ridge and the couple in front of me were whispering to themselves. He turned and smiled then she did? As they left he said you probably get this all the time, and I thought here we go again*sigh*. He said you like Hulk Hogan! So, for a few years every so often I would get that from people, not so much that I got used to it but it does usually catch me by surprise. Then a different look alike appeared along with it. When I would go outside for a smoke at work the guys from the warehouse in the next building over started calling me Micky, apparently I looked like the drummer Mick Fleetwood from Fleetwood Mac according to them. Last week when I went to purchase that heated water hose the girl at the parts department said you probably get this all the time and I thought here we go again*sigh*. She said you look like Donald Sutherland! At least the personas are getting a bit better I suppose according to my better ‘alf anyway*grin*.

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