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I have often pondered the fact that Google is in a way the New Library of Alexandria. Not in the true sense though because they only really do searches to find or access the worlds info. Many of us do it daily, when we want to know something we “Google” it. The Wayback Machine tries its best to save actual info but only takes snapshots periodically. The old Library of Alexandria burnt down of course and lots of the worlds knowledge to that point was lost forever. Why, well it was mostly all in that one place and we know what happens when you keep all your eggs in one basket. So, how fragile is the new worlds knowledge. In some ways probably not as fragile as we think, the internet is very widespread and all over the place and that’s where most of it is in reality. But it’s accessing it that’s the key and that’s where Google comes in. So I went to look to see where Google actually has their data centers that run everything they do. While they have a few all over the planet there are some key places their not it seems, something to ponder.


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$50,000 Dollar Fine?

Promised the eldest grandson Jordan that we would take his small collection of cans and bottles to the recycle depot for pocket money in Spirit River, 7km west of Rycroft. Of we went and located it, sign said go round the back. Around the back we ran into a lady and I thought she said where are you from I said BC. She actually said where did the bottles come from. She said you can’t return them here otherwise there’s a $50,000 fine and walked off? There was a young fella there eating his lunch or something and I said well the bottles and cans were actually from Alberta and the grandsons he said take them around the back. So, around the back of the back we went and found the actual depot and the guy running it. He explained to me what it was all about. Because we are close to the border with BC people actually come from there to recycle and make money. In BC it’s 5 cents for a can and nothing for milk cartons. In Alberta it’s 10 cents and something for milk cartons too. He also pointed to the big black sacks towards the back and said people in BC actually steal them and bring them to Alberta. Wow! It doesn’t take a mathematician to figure out the monetary advantage and what people are up to. I asked him if I could take a picture of the sign outside (polite to ask I thought) and he said sure, make sure you get the government sign beside it, so I did.

So, while it was certainly interesting to learn all this it raises some questions doesn’t it. First one is that it’s an easy fix if Alberta and BC co-ordinated their recycling policies. Next one is the size of that fine for crying out loud. How does it compare with other fines of perhaps a more serious nature than improper recycling? It didn’t take long to discover the distracted driving fine for instance is apparently going to jump from $172 to $250, to give it more teeth they say. Then I began to find others…Passing school bus violation – $402.00…Fail to yield to pedestrian in a crosswalk – $575.00…littering is a $2000 fine apparently and the list goes on but you get my drift. This is a prime example of what I call ties cutting off blood to the brain and*sigh*.



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