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Have to admit this is a strange one. While the wife, two dogs and I were staying in a hotel on our recent travels, the dogs needed to go out at three in the morning. They had woken her up and she was trying to do it quietly so as not to wake me. She turned the inside door handle to leave and it came off in her hand! With the ensuing swearing and antsy dogs I was awakened of course, and we called the front desk for assistance. We effectively couldn’t exit the room, which raises all kinds of issues if you think about it. At first I thought this was done on purpose because the set screw that held the handle in place was nowhere to be seen. But that’s just paranoia, what likely happened is that housekeeping vacuumed up the set screw when it fell out. Anyway, once I got my wits about me I realized that a pair of vice grips from my tool box would act as a temporary handle. But it did remind me of that old joke about a (insert your own preferred politically incorrect nationality here) guy who locked his keys in his car, took him hours to get his family out.


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