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Yes, the past year or so Man. Utd have played in brown shirts and played like shit, I’ll explain the brown shirt part later. First the shit part…Alex Ferguson retired and pass the managerial torch to his choice of what was called ‘the chosen one” David Moyes. Wikipedia source, “Moyes was in charge of United for 10 months, the third shortest managerial stint in United history and the shortest in 82 years despite calls from several respected ex-Manchester United players such as Denis Law and David Beckham calling for Moyes to be given more time at the club”. So they toasted ‘the chosen one” and replaced him eventually with Louis van Gaal. Alex Ferguson didn’t do well at the beginning of his tenure either but he got the time to turn it all around so why didn’t David Moyes get the same chance? Well, the rush to profits and immediate gratification is why, the owners were likely worried about their investment too. Today I saw a blurb on the BBC from Roy Keane, ”

“Van Gaal is going to get criticized, you’d expect that,” Keane said during his BBC Match of the Day analysis. Give the man a chance – two or three years.”

Wouldn’t it have been nice to give ‘the chosen one” two or three years eh…In the end I think they had the chosen one and blew it, now Manchester United are in for some dark days.

Oh yes, the brown shirt thing. Well, I got this free 40’ TV as part of a deal for a three year contract and one day I realized that the players were in brown shirts instead of red? Turns out after some investigation that it’s not the TV but likely a connecting cord that’s causing it. Haven’t bothered to fix as yet and that’s why this is the year that Manchester United played in brown shirts and played like shit, somewhat ironic in a way.

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