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Busy day…missed some of the stuff locally and realized I missed that dang show and shine at the arena too! Was watching Spain kinda embarrass Italy in the middle of the day, footy takes priority yer know. Did walk around the main area down the hill but a wet day for sure. Yesterday was not bad though and they managed to pull off the hill climb, took a video of a bit at the end as an experiment and uploaded it to YouTube. Wow! Took a long time to upload it.

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This was a particularly annoying thing that happened to the house computers lately and for us the fixes were two fold.

For some of the computers the fix was to empty the cache, cookies etc on the tools, clear history part of Firefox. While this did work for some it didn’t work for all of them. The next apparent fix was to uninstall the latest Adobe Flash Player, the 11.3 one (the active x one too by the way) and revert to the 11.2 version. So, all are working now just fine. But it is important to note that this fixed ours but this particular problem has more than one fix so it may be something else again for others.

As with all things that garble computers I always Google the problem because somewhere the youngen’s are yapping about it on a forum and usually in amongst it all is the fix. The above fixes are no different they are all over the net so I’m not going to post links.

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