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The Magic of the Camino

A little while back I had the great pleasure of receiving a signed copy of Mark Tullet’s The Magic of the Camino, which can be found at the following link…

The Magic of the Camino by Mark Tullet

Then soon after we rented a movie with Martin Sheen in it called
The Way, which is also about the very same trail…trailer here.

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Sub Commander Ta’aboo

Our little companion doggy Boo (short for Taboo) enjoys sitting on the center console as we ride around in the vehicle. But it’s a bit small so we made a special one for him, a bit wider and longer so he’s more comfortable. It reminded me of the commander of a Klingon Bird of Prey set up so I photo shopped him into the bridge of a pic. Not great but you get the idea*smile*…well, he is in charge isn’t he.

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Hello Moto Indeed

Been busy but I is back, and now to catch up.
Part of my previous busyness was to be on call and this is what I hear when “called” in the wee hours of the morning…

…YES! I have no trouble hearing that and waking up for sure.
It’s so much fun (tongue in cheek) it prompted me to get a special t-shirt made with this on it. (Shameless plug for http://www.enigmapromo.ca/

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…I is drooling…

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I Have A Dream…

…to play the guitar as effortlessly as Dan Tyminski…

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This little movie was the opener for the main attraction at our local theater in Bideford many moons ago…watched lots of stuff over the years with Eric Sykes in it but this one was my favourite…

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BBC News – Graphene gives Thomas Edison's battery a new life.

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