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Air Wick Sound

Early in the quiet of the morning as I was making my usual rounds on the web a couple of days back I kept hearing this sound periodically. It sounded like one of the cats was trying to cough up a hairball! I was thinking that I needed to get them to the vet pronto as it was quite frequent. Well, the better ‘alf found it all very amusing because it was the new air freshener she had bought*sheesh*!

An amusing video that sort of talks about it…

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Math Lesson?

Going through my inbox (the physical one that is) is a chore I try to do weekly, but maybe weakly would be a better descriptor perhaps?

I don’t pretend to be a math expert by any means but one has to wonder about the crap that comes in the snail mail trying to get you to buy insurance, based on math…case in point below. This is what you get when you pay them $20 a month

Age Basic Benefit Drop
65 2800
67 2550 250
69 2350 200
71 2100 250
73 1900 200
75 1650 250

…this is where it ends. So extrapolating forward using same sort of numbers.

77 1450 200
79 1200 250
81 1000 200
83 750 250
85 550 200
87 300 …you see where this is going don’t you.

Okay, lets take that $20 a month cost, it’s $240 a year.
With interest rates are around 2%, yes, you can get more but you can get less too, I just used that one as a median. You end up paying them $6000 over 25 years to get a payout of $300 give or take.
So, say I live for that 25 years, that’s $6000 plus the 2% which is $4.80 one gets $6120, interesting. Why wouldn’t I pay myself instead of giving it to them?

Now granted it’s also accident insurance (5x) but that pay out goes down too, the older yer get!

Into the garbage can it goes!

Like I said though I don’t pretend to be good at math but if someone cares to enlighten me as to the hidden advantages please do.

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Spotted on one of the places I visit…27th Street

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Better ‘alf related to me about an interesting new series by National Geographic called Untamed Americas. And proceeded to tell me about the penguins in the desert. Right…your pulling my leg! But as it turns out there are indeed penguins that live on the edge of the deserts in Peru and Chile…hopefully the video embed works…if not here’s the link.
Penguins in the desert…(embed thing didn’t work).

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Al Capone’s Digs

A co-worker while visiting Philadelphia took this pic of Al Capone’s cell on a tour of the Eastern State Penitentiary…safe to assume that there was no bread and water thing happening here!

Photo compliments of Shaun Christensen

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Quite awhile ago I came across an article on some new clinic in Africa that was using copper fittings everywhere. Because of the health benefits supposedly? It was mentally filed away to someday check that out. The other day I came across a second reference to Copper’s health benefits that prompted me to revisit this now. Below is the source for the Lab Reporter, below that is source for the actual piece of equipment in the ad.

(Note: The issue is not posted yet in their archive but this is where it will be eventually I assume.)
Lab Reporter Issue No.2 2012 P.67 Ad

Thermo Scientific

…the bottom line here is perfectly clear to me. Lets steampunk everything, our health depends on it!

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The Magic of the Camino

A little while back I had the great pleasure of receiving a signed copy of Mark Tullet’s The Magic of the Camino, which can be found at the following link…

The Magic of the Camino by Mark Tullet

Then soon after we rented a movie with Martin Sheen in it called
The Way, which is also about the very same trail…trailer here.

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Sub Commander Ta’aboo

Our little companion doggy Boo (short for Taboo) enjoys sitting on the center console as we ride around in the vehicle. But it’s a bit small so we made a special one for him, a bit wider and longer so he’s more comfortable. It reminded me of the commander of a Klingon Bird of Prey set up so I photo shopped him into the bridge of a pic. Not great but you get the idea*smile*…well, he is in charge isn’t he.

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Hello Moto Indeed

Been busy but I is back, and now to catch up.
Part of my previous busyness was to be on call and this is what I hear when “called” in the wee hours of the morning…

…YES! I have no trouble hearing that and waking up for sure.
It’s so much fun (tongue in cheek) it prompted me to get a special t-shirt made with this on it. (Shameless plug for http://www.enigmapromo.ca/

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