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My Sayings Etc

My original purpose for blogging was to have a place to muck around in and have a play site away from the serious stuff, that serious part though has languished for sure. Then it also struck me that it might be an outlet to share stuff with descendants to find a record of my existence. I’m still thinking about that part, meaning how will it be saved for them to find anyway. Oh yes, the sayings or thoughts I’m fond of.

I was telling a group of people that Alzheimer’s runs in the family but I wasn’t worried because think of all the movies I could enjoy for the first time again. Someone passing by and overhearing said, “Yea, but you’d only need one movie”.

Relax, in a hundred years it won’t matter is another one. Another someone replied once that it’s getting closer to fifty for you isn’t it?

I’m also fond of replying to the greeting, how ya doing with ‘can’t complain nobody listens’…someone did say once that they would but then said they were only joking.

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Spotted this on clotildajamcracker.com…and had to share.

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Old Movie Resource List


Came across this nice old movie list and the resources for others at the bottom at openculture.com. Posted it mainly for myself to check out later.

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Quirky Football Game

While wandering down the garden path I came across this video from British Pathe. I was originally chasing a video of Westward Ho! found it but it had nothing to do with where I used to live at all.


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Meet Gwynne Dyer

Meet GWYNNE DYER is a link to his ‘about’ page from his website. What has always struck me about this guy is that everything he has said or written makes perfect sense to me. So, he’s someone I pay attention to.

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