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CFIA issues warning about bagged salads – Canada – Canoe.ca.


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This afternoon we’re gonna experience a partial eclipse apparently. This LINK I spotted on Boing Boing is an interesting site that explains it all very well. Our area will experience about a 70% eclipse I figure, after scrolling down the page to find Canada. Naturally the weather forecast is cloudy for today after being clear and sunny most of the week, which means all we’ll experience is that it might get a bit dark this afternoon.

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This Steve is coming to our neck of the woods in June, glad I got tickets when I did!

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Big City Arrives

I was taking back the cans to the local recycle depot this afternoon and it had all changed, and the people too! It’s been changed around as well. I was struck by the fact that now it’s just like the big city recyclers, fix up your empties on a bench in blue trays and count them, then take them to the counter all ready to go. The other thing I noticed lately was that our local paper has gone to a paid subscriber access thing for their website. While I probably will get used to the changes at the local recycler I’m not sure of the wisdom of the local paper trying to be like the big boys (The Times of London did this and I just don’t go there any more), it could be a flawed business model in the long run I reckon. The other news source, the Kitimat Daily is ad driven and open, and likely will become the major news source in the end.

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On Any Given Day

Wow! Wot an end to the footy season indeed! After 38 league games it came down to mere minutes in the end of the last game and one goal to decide which Manchester would take the title. Took a few screen shots off the telly as an experiment with my new phone, these two below show the difference a few minutes made to the crowd mood (score upper left). Realized afterwards I could have videoed the last few minutes dagnabit, ah well.

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Yes, We Have No Bananas

This past weekend the stores in towns east of Topley began to experience empty shelves. The cause was a washout near there that stopped the food trucks from getting through. How we depend on those trucks eh, an eye opener for sure. And how quick things would go awry if something happened.

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