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Shanks Pony

Been doing a lot of walking via shanks pony lately. Shanks pony means to use ones legs as a means of getting around, all about walking, and it’s benefits are noted in great detail here. While it does mention shanks pony as an obscure term it doesn’t say much of anything else about it. I heard the of term at an early age because my Grandfather used it as he was a great proponent of walking everywhere. He was the one that told me that it was a government program during the war to encourage people to walk and save the spaces on public transportation for those that really needed it. That’s an example of one of the ‘encouragement’ posters below. There is a some debate about the origin of the term shanks pony, some think it refers to a lawn mower company in Scotland called Alexander Shanks and Co of Arbroath but who knows.

Back to the beginning, why have I been doing a lot of walking? Well, I’m in a worldwide company fitness challenge, one of a four person team. The point for me is to get moving again especially on days off. Don’t seem to have a problem doing 10,000 steps (the benchmark) on a work day but days off I tend to loll about I guess. I have to admit I’m doing really well I’m averaging 14,000 steps so far.

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Well, trust me to be messin’ around with the follow feature and pick one to follow that was going to do a critique on his 50th follower! While I do agree that very few places of any importance use a black background I can only assume it’s for a good reason. Maybe it’s like writing in uppercase without knowing that it means shouting perhaps? That too usually brings a flurry of flames to re-educate a new user. So, I can bend on that one very easily, it was good to go see what other themes were out there anyway. Took me awhile to find something that didn’t break some of the parts though and finally ended up with this one, for now.

I’m not bending on the Ol’ Kodger part though, that’s a moniker and nickname that’s been around for a very long time. While not thirty years, that would be an exaggeration, but way back nonetheless. Yes, it was cute back then and it’s stuck for better or worse now. As I noted in my ‘About Me’ page it too had an unintended consequence, it was an actual surname which I didn’t find out about till later.

All in all I did take the critique in good humour because I certainly don’t take myself that seriously either and it was well done.

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Steampunk Project

The ‘plan’ is to make a steampunk super computer, first part is almost done. My good buddy has constructed the case as you can see below. Masking tape is there because it’s holding that glass door on, need to get some proper brass hinges for it yet, among many other things. He also reminded me that one of the points of steampunk is taking scavenged things and turning them into other things for as little money as possible with that Victorian slant of course. Have spent some money on it already obviously and will need to spend some more for the guts too but the top contraption is from a dead bike I had, a 1965 Jawa. The real crux of the ‘plan’ is to power it in the end via a steam generator which will take some doing. Anyway, it’s coming along nicely.

Almost forgot, that lighted coffee table it’s sitting on has a story. Spotted it on one of our many picking trips and couldn’t resist it. The rock was gathered in Thornhill by an old timer that has since passed on. He cut them really thin and set them in some kind of acrylic that would show the light through.

Pic was taken via my phone so not that great (still practicing), finally figured out which way to turn it so that the pic was the right way up the first time and ‘e gets ‘is finger in it*dagnabit*. Left it in to remind me to be wary of that.

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At some point I do have to retire I guess, although I have jokingly set it for 2026 when I’m 73 when asked, but then again maybe I’m not joking perhaps. Don’t really see myself retiring at this point is what it really means I guess. Even if I have to leave what I’m doing now I’ll always do something. I kinda got my eye on that Wally World greeters job…I’m kidding of course but think about it. You get to greet people who are still smiling and in possession of their cash. Wouldn’t want to be a cashier for sure. When they ask at the till if I found everything I needed I’m fond of saying yes, and a whole bunch of stuff I didn’t know I needed.

So, where to retire is the other question. Others rush off to other places and can’t wait to leave town it seems. To me that is the ‘grass is always greener over the hill’ syndrome. There are a lot of reasons to stay put and another one got added yesterday while out walking. Everyone I met and passed by said good morning, good afternoon or hello, except for one that was wearing headphones and oblivious to my presence. Incidentally this is a great walking town with side walk pathways all over. They have a bylaw too that allows cyclists to share the walkways as long as they yield to pedestrians. So, will I stay put when I retire? Maybe, but in reality I’ll probably move one town over because they have more services and stores (including that Wally World). I hear the grass is greener over there.

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Theme For Third Man

I vaguely remember watching this show in black and white in my younger days, found after wandering down the garden path on http://27thstreet.wordpress.com/

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Stopped on my walk on an old soccer field and thought this would make an interesting pic of the dog. In the background is the goal posts where I made a really grand save (at least I thought so) on a players break away couple years back. Oliver Kahn made a similar save but couldn’t find it. Here’s a montage of some super saves in it’s stead.

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Mine is…
Ping 65ms
Download 4.24Mps
Upload 0.47Mps


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CFIA issues warning about bagged salads – Canada – Canoe.ca.

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This afternoon we’re gonna experience a partial eclipse apparently. This LINK I spotted on Boing Boing is an interesting site that explains it all very well. Our area will experience about a 70% eclipse I figure, after scrolling down the page to find Canada. Naturally the weather forecast is cloudy for today after being clear and sunny most of the week, which means all we’ll experience is that it might get a bit dark this afternoon.

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This Steve is coming to our neck of the woods in June, glad I got tickets when I did!

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