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Marvelous Monday

Well, what a difference a day makes! Monday was the complete opposite of Sunday that’s why I called this post ‘Marvelous Monday’
To start the day off right my new Samsung Galaxy phone arrived and finally it’s a big enough phone I can see that dang thing. Even has a regular keyboard for texting.
The government decided to share some money in the mail, cool! Suffice it to say one of those new fancy jets they are buying might be a bit shy of a full tank I reckon*wink*.
Since I was on a roll I decided to have a crack at the error box that keeps coming up from the last iTunes update, nailed that too.
Because lots of other good things happened as the day progressed I figured I should buy a couple of lottery tickets too. Just checked them, no luck, probably that was pushing a bit huh.


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Sucky Sunday

Yes, Sucky Sunday it was indeed. Where do I start…well spent a good part of ten hours in network hell. Did other things in between but kept coming back to it. Turns out that my ISP had somehow reset the modem back to the default I reckon, will be calling them later to investigate. Bottom line was the booster/repeater I got wasn’t connected any longer because of it. After many happy hours of getting through it, figuring it out and learning along the way I thought I had it licked. After sleeping on it though I realize now that I don’t have it fixed at all do I. I’m pretty sure the main modem and repeater should show up separately on the list of wi-fi available in the neighbourhood*sigh*. Okay, deal with that later. Other computer related annoyances surrounding the above was when I was trying to connect to the repeater. Only have IE on the laptop and it kept putting http etc in front of the numbers I wanted and throwing it up as a Bling search sometimes too*strewth!*…Finally downloaded Firefox and skinned that cat. While I was waiting for something I figured I’d do the obligatory updates, turns out the laptop had the wrong date on it, how I have no idea. If I was thinking quicker I should have looked at tomorrows newspapers but remember it’s sucky not sharp Sunday.

What else, oh yes footy. Manchester Utd scored four goals and still only got a point from the game (4-4 tie with Everton), this allows City to get within three points now at the top, and this could make the game they play against each other on the 30th of April the title decider, either way it’ll be a very important game. In other sports the Canucks got unceremoniously dumped out of the playoffs Sunday night, in the first round too, best team in the NHL is now out and off to the golf course early.

In the garden my plan was to put sand down and level the paving slabs around the Chimera, thought I done good until the better ‘alf critiqued it. Not straight, not level she said and proceeded to instruct me on how to do it properly*sigh*. She’s right of course it isn’t good enough. The other puttering project was to use my fancy new two wheeled wheelbarrow to get some fill from the front neighbourhood pile for the lower part in the back, raise it up a bit so it’s not so swampy etc. After I figured out how to do this without the dog escaping I marched purposefully off to the front. The pile was like bleedin’ cement and I suppose frozen probably so no luck there. When I returned I discovered the cat had escaped and the dog was chasing him around the yard*sheesh!*. This brings me to Earth Day, didn’t even realize until later that this was today. What did I do? Not a whole lot I’m afraid, about all I can say is that I freed sand from it’s confinement in sand bags to recycle as a base for the paving slabs. Does that count? Probably not but that’s all I got.

To finish off the day the better ‘alf wakes me up at 11:45pm to get the password for the wireless. Remember, I was playing with it all day*lol*. I actually looked at the clock and thought, only 15mins to go and Sucky Sunday will be finally over.

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Closer to the Bone

via better ‘alf on FB

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Who is Boo

Boo (proper name Taboo) is the newest addition to our family, and has become an integral part of it now for sure. Kind of a convoluted story how he came about because he originally wasn’t supposed to be our dog. He came to belong to us early last year and was born in February or March perhaps so he’s over a year old now (Wife probably knows exact date). As a newborn he was actually very tiny and fit in the palm of your hand, first pic is the first photo of him. He’s a cross between a Chihuahua and a Miniature Pinscher so he’s what they call a Minpin cross I guess. Anyway, I was not looking forward to a pointy eared yappy little dog for sure, a real dog to me is a Red Siberian or a Malemute! What a pleasant surprise Boo is, not that yappy at all really only barks when someone new comes to the door. A bit more vocal in the backyard though as he announces his prescence to the neighbourhood canines periodically. A bonus for me and one of his most endearing qualities is the ears are not pointy like I feared but flop over so perfectly.

Apart from his first love hanging is head out the window on vehicle trips his other favourite spot is sitting on the armrest divider between us so he can see out the front while waiting for us to come out of a store. Not a safe thing all of this but we’re working on it. And because he looks like a perfectly well behaved little puppy sitting there (won’t get any bigger either so he’ll always look like that) he tends to get noticed quite a bit especially by kids who point out the cute puppy to the parents. The pic in the middle was taken last summer by the way and the last one on the right is just last week. Good looking fella isn’t he.

He’s also very different from any dog I’ve had or known, he sits and watches television way more than I’ve ever seen from any animal. His definite favourites are the pet channels naturally but he also watches football too among other things, maybe because of the ball perhaps. His vocabulary is quite extensive too, has picked up on quite a few words than is normal for a dog and also tilts his head when we speak trying really hard it seems to understand what we’re saying. I’m just happy I don’t have to get him school supplies.

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ZDNet Download

Interesting…was experiencing a slow net connection this morning so I did the modem reboot thing which sometimes works but no discernible difference this time. I use speedtest.net to check speed by the way, link on sidebar. In my mail I had on deck to check out TweakNow PowerPack 2011 4.1 (Windows) from ZDNet (look for Downloads link top bar) so I downloaded it and did some cleanup and tweaks. Restarted my bucket of bolts and checked speed, cool! The highest numbers that I’ve ever gotten! Coincidence? Maybe, but no real way to tell unless I put everything back the way it was and retest etc etc. Don’t have time for that so we’ll run with it and see if the difference is maintained. Either way I’m a happy camper, a good start to my three day weekend!

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Steampunk Friday

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