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Monday Morning Chuckle


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WordPress Thoughts

For the most part I’m pretty darn happy with the set up here and it’s working well. Slowly finding the answers to the odd question and mystery in the support and forum areas because as with most things someone somewhere has been there done that, just a matter of looking and reading. One niggly one was why the like button didn’t show up on the main entry page? Well, same for every theme apparently, shows up on the individual post page though so good enough I guess, at least it’s there. Another question I had was how much space I have, seems the pics etc have about 3Gigs so that’s pretty good and it said somewhere that I can blog without a real limit on the text part I think. Now I’m off to see if I can back blog, meaning can I write a post and date it into the past. This would mean I can populate it with my previous blogging from the different platforms I had going. I ended up here because I had a WordPress blog installed on my web space but it broke because they didn’t have the support for the newer versions etc etc.

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Thought this was poignant and kinda true, reminded me of an old saying I have…”I reckon God put me on this earth to accomplish a certain number of tasks, I’m so far behind now I’ll never die”.

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My Phone

My clunky old cell phone has a really strange quirk. Sometimes when I pick it up and put it in my pocket the music player fires up? The only thing I have is an mp3 from Star Trek…”priority one message from Star Fleet coming in on secure channel”. I had tried to make this my ringtone awhile back but my provider doesn’t have that option that allows me to do this. Can only use what they provide for free or what I buy from them. They don’t have this particular one on their list of course. Probably something to do with copyright I suppose. So, why does it fire up the odd time unexpectedly is the original question? I’ve tried to duplicate it by pressing certain areas, buttons on the side etc but danged if I can get it to do that on demand. I have called them about trying to get it as a ringtone by the way and they basically passed it on to their techies and would get back to me. They never did so I reckon our relationship is coming to an end at some point isn’t it.

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Working For The Queen?

In the news of late I spotted the story of the Queen looking for a trainee butler and have to admit I gave it a passing thought. Even went as far as checking it out on the Queen’s Website. I saw that this wasn’t the only job opening available too but it was the one that made the news, I guess they thought it was an amusing media story? Anyway, the thought of actually applying quickly disappeared as I realized that the pay was rather skimpy (and then some) and I don’t really fit the the criteria either, and they are probably looking for a youngen anyway aren’t they. What I did find disturbing thought was the comments on the news sites, a case of either you hate the monarchy or love them for sure. I’m a monarchist so my opinion is biased of course but I do know that I wouldn’t want their job and I have the utmost respect for what they do on our behalf. They make the best of their lot in life and work hard at it.

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NDP Leadership Race

While watching the football on Saturday I was flipping back and forth to catch the NDP Leadership Convention to pick a new leader after the death of Jack Layton. The outcome after four ballots was not really a surprise to me but the real pleasure was the showing of our local representative Nathan Cullen. I believe his day will come in the future to have another go at it and this gave him some national exposure for that day. I think Nathan Cullen was the better choice but in the big picture Thomas Mulcair, with a seat in Quebec, was seen to be a better bet to have a good chance in the next election to form a government, and oust the Conservatives. I have to admit I didn’t watch all of Nathan Cullen’s speeches and interviews but what I did catch I was really impressed with, so much so that I believe we’ll be card carrying members of the NDP in the future. Will put it on my to do list.

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Football 24 Mar 2012

Thoroughly enjoyed the usual Saturday football feast, and there’s no doubt that I would be pretty homesick for the old country if I didn’t have access to some of the games I reckon. The highlight of the day was the point that Brighton picked up at Forest, it maintains them in playoff zone for a chance to go up. I can’t see them catching second place because not too many games left now but hopefully they can maintain the consistency to have a crack at the playoff round. I saw that wicked goal by Peter Crouch for Stoke against Man City, wotta cracker indeed! I think the ball didn’t actually touch the ground at any point from the goal keeper’s kick out to being picked out of the back of the net. Man City were lucky to get a point out of that game. I saw Wigan knock off Liverpool, as the season winds down the clubs fighting for survival at the bottom are always dangerous to play against. Those can be the best games to watch too as it’s panic football at it’s best.
Peter Crouch post game interview link…

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