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Penny for your thoughts.

Knew it would come one day. The budget handed down this week had the plan to discontinue the penny. Kinda sad but not a surprise, probably costs more to make it. It prompted me to think about a number of things, does the local penny candy store keep the same name and what about the prices? I’m sure some of their candy is actually a penny. They could print their own money, yer know a nickel for five penny candy store penny coupons perhaps. The other thing is the idea I had years ago to collect pennies one from every year. The problem I had was how to display it, it would have to be in a see through case like plexiglass so both sides could be seen. I’m off to see what’s available these days. As an alternate could design something and get the local glass place to make it perhaps, guaranteed it would cost more than a handful of pennies though I reckon.


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Wow! 42 pam with an S in front, in one bleedin’ day! So far the WordPress software is keeping them at bay. But how long before the walls are breached is my worry. The curse of pam with an S in front is the Achilles heel of the internet and detracts from my enjoyment of it. This is a big part of the reason I use Gmail, it is very effective at dealing with it. If someone figures out how to stop pam with an S in front the world will beat a path to their door for sure.

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Brighton Six Pointer

Really big game this weekend for Brighton & Hove Albion! Playing Middlesborough tomorrow at home. Both are on 62 points and in the playoff zone. In effect this is what they call a six pointer and probably will be one of the defining moments in Brighton’s season.

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Cool Bookcase

While making the rounds this morning spotted this very clever bookcase…

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Earl Scruggs

R.I.P Earl, you indeed passed the first test, you made our lives better. The banjo music you shared with us is such a treasure.

Flatt & Scruggs- Roll In My Sweet Baby`s Arms

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