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A Very English Christmas

Looking forward to the Queen’s Message at 8am then the Dr. Who Christmas Special at 6pm!

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Another Year Over & Changes

Yes, another year is coming to a close and as with all years the only constant that can be really counted on is change. First, are the ones that have passed on especially in the genealogical world. I have always found this hard to deal with, this facet of the hobby was never thought of when I started, never know what to do nor what to say. To all left behind that have lost loved ones my families condolences to you all and they will all be missed greatly.

Second, just as changes have happened and will happen to everyone else in the coming year I/we will also experience changes. I will be starting a new job in the new year ‘ish, steady days and a new challenge for sure. No more Inspector Gadget more like Dr. Who now I suppose. I’m really excited but frightened at the same time, I hadn’t planned on experiencing a first day a work again after all these years*eek!* Much to learn and quickly.

Third, I don’t usually make new years resolutions but just call them plans for the new year. It’s time to fix up the genealogical hobby and get it up and running for starters, no more idling and basic maintaining. Been this way for far too long. And last but not least it’s time to 5S: sort, straighten, systematic cleaning, standardize, and sustain.

Merry Christmas to one and all…

Kodger’s traditional ‘ome made card

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